Walking My First Ever “Race”

“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.” –Thomas Jefferson

Happy Labor Day to my American friends! For those of you elsewhere, Labor Day is considered the official end of summer – even though it’s still hot & humid here in southern California. It’s a great day to hit the beach, have a BBQ or just relax. Jerome & I did something a little different today – starting with my alarm going off at 5:00am (God, I am so not a morning person!)  At 6:30am, we joined some of my Boot Camp friends for an event called “Conquer the Bridge 9” which took place in San Pedro, CA. It’s a 5.3 mile run over the Vincent Thomas Bridge that also coincides with Fleet Week every year. Over 3,000 people of all shapes, sizes & exercise levels came together for a lovely overcast, somewhat cool morning.  This is the first time I ever consented to sign up for an organized “run” & the only reason I did was I knew I could walk instead.

Before the race

So, while most of my group (Jerome included) ran the whole race, I happily walked solo at my own pace while listening not to loud, fast music but to a soothing podcast by The Minimalists! I realize many people would think I’m nuts but it stimulated my brain while I was stimulating my body.

Going up the Bridge
The Vincent Thomas Bridge
Almost at the top

Surprisingly, it was a pretty tough course because we had to go up the bridge, then down the bridge, then up the bridge, then down the bridge. By the end, my feet ached & my legs felt like jelly. It took me 1 hour, 44 minutes to cross the finish line & I came in 411th in my age group. Of course there were probably only 412 in my age group(!) but still, I did it & I’m proud of myself. Do I see a marathon in my future? Not likely, but you never know!

After the race!

How did you spend Labor Day? Leave me a comment.

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xo, Erin

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